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Hello Everyone!This discussion is to drum up some interest and to see if anyone out there might have some ideas/comments.Anyone out there interested in helping create/build a christian comic company that goes against the grain? First off, let me state that I have nothing against the christian companies out there now. You guys keep up the great work and keep pushing! I just want to take an avenue that no one else seems to want to travel on. I am curious if anyone else out there in christian comic land is on the same page I am.I am looking to create something that can sit on a shelf in a regular comic store and attract someone who would never buy anything remotely christian. Think Image Comics back in 1992. They jumped ship and created something that was different and pushed the envelope for comics. I want to do that with the christian industry. I would love to have a handful of different titles/characters with excellent art, writing, etc. I want this to be different from everything out there. Not necessarily looking for comics based off scriptures and bible stories. Although, I do want that involved! I am looking for everyday events, personal struggles, things that normal people deal with, but layed out and depicted in a very unique way. To take those everyday things and relate them to christianity. Whether this calls for cartoon/fun storytelling or extreme/graphic/violent storytelling that is fine. I am not looking for sugar coating, I am looking put out there what is "real".For example, Mel Gibson portrayal of Christ in his film was fantastic. Yes, it was violent, graphic, and bloody, but it made an extreme impact and really delivered the message. This is what I am looking to do with this idea. No, I don't want all blood, etc. I just don't want to hold anything back. I just want to give the reader top notch art, great writing, and something that pushes them to want to keep reading. A deeper meaning, if you will.Obvisously, I realize a lot of christians will not agree with this style I am sure. But, that is fine. I am not really doing this for "christians". There is a massive market out there in comic land that is very anti-christian. Those are the people I need to reach.I was a musician in a christian band for about six years and had many christians/churches tell us were too "extreme", or not "contemporary" enough. But, we made an impact on many kids lives. Many that I still hear from today through emails, etc. We weren't trying to change the church/religion, we were trying to change the people who would never come to those establishments. Those are the people that need help. Many people forget that.So, if anyone out there is interested, please let me know! I look forward to hearing from you. And to everyone, keep up the great work! I am so glad I found this site. It has been an inspiration to find other christian comic enthusiasts out there! God Bless.

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  • I'm with you.  I'm working on a major project.  Get ready.

  • Buzz Dixon said:

    Martin Murtonen said:
    Isn't it?

    Truthfully, re-reading Robin Hood, he really wasn't a benevolent guy at all. However he may have had some justification if fighting corruption.

    but now, we're off topic.
    “In the slavering search for subversive literature on the shelves of our public schools, which will never stop, the two most subversive tales of all remain untouched, wholly unsuspected. One is the story of Robin Hood...Another, as disrespectful of established authority as the story of Robin Hood…is the life of Jesus Christ as described in the New Testament.” -- Kurt Vonnegut, Timequake

    WOW. THAT is a fantastic quote.
  • KATHLEEN, I think you need to get outta the wilderness and jump back on that soap box. You are soooooo right. I had totally forgotten about the growing female comic market,which objectively has breathed new life into the industry, not to mention increased revenue.

    I personally feel inadequate to do stories targeted to women...or maybe I'm just lazy...a womans targeted comic done from a mans point of view just sounds like a man talking, IMO . But maybe I'm wrong and would love to be proven wrong and enlightened. Please speak more about this is subsequent posts here, or start a new one.
  • Isn't it?

    Truthfully, re-reading Robin Hood, he really wasn't a benevolent guy at all. However he may have had some justification if fighting corruption.

    but now, we're off topic.
  • Ultimately the answer is: Jesus. Ask Him, he will guide the process - either give the yay or the nay. If He's in it, then it will ultimately succeed.
  • when you come up with this company, make sure that you not only have talent on your team. make sure you have someone who is a hungry go getter who can make things happen, who will go out there and get it done. that is truly a gift. if you only have talent then the books won't go far because the only thing they want to do is create, artist barely have what it takes to push the book. so someone business minded who can make stuff happen is key. some one who has a gift for marketing. pray that God will send someone your way, before the books are done who can keep your team motivated. and when that person comes make sure that you give them praise just as much as the artist who draw the comics, because that person is just as valuable. if not more. you can have a comic that's not put together well at all, and the art is barely okay, but in the right hands the book can still do well.
  • Robin Hood was a pinko commie.
  • Hey Shawn,

    I think there's some similarities between your goals regarding Christian-themed comics and mine. Feel free to check out the idea behind the comic I am currently working on ("Lightweightz"), and let me know what you think. I would like "Lightweightz" to reach Christian and non-Christian audiences as well.

    Shawn Skipper said:
    You know, it's funny. I actually posted this topic about two years ago and only now starting to get interesting feedback from it. At the time I was hardcore about starting something. I still think it would be neat, so who knows. God does crazy things.

    So, to MonkeyWrench - I completely agree with you! I don't want to step on anyone's toes here at all, so if you are reading this, please understand I mean no harm here. I think anything labeled as a christian medium should look top notch in all areas of execution. Being an artist myself I am extremely picky as to what I like to read comic wise. If the art is sub-par, I usually won't read it. Personally, I would love to draw comics, but my art tends to be more "Calvin & Hobbes" rather than the guys doing all the amazing work out there today. So, I don't even attempt, because I feel it should look incredible, in it's own way. The writing can drag a book down also.

    All this aside, I have just never seem any christian comics that blow me away yet. Don't get me wrong, there is some awesome heart and drive behind the books/companies that do exist. But, I don't feel it is strong enough to really grab a non-christian audience. My main reason is that every story comes straight from the Bible. That is fine, but that doesn't get me interested. I want to read something unique & creative with an underlying christian theme. For example, I enjoyed the Archangels series that came out some time ago. Had a great start, art was strong, but it vanished. I am just a guy that really likes to see something original. I love the bible, but I can read that anytime. Instead of seeing the same stories over and over, I want to see something more unique.

    I am not saying I can do this by any means. I have lot's of ideas, so I guess that makes me an "idea man". I just love comics & love reading! I love to write and create stories, characters, ideas. I would LOVE to be able to draw like some of the talent I see out there. But, God didn't wire me with that style of work. So, I just use my skills the best I can. If nothing else, maybe this thread can help ignite others to try something new. I just like to push people to do their best and glorify God to their absolute fullest! So, for those doing this already, keep pushing and refining the work you do! Every little thing we all do makes some kind of difference rather large or small!
  • Yeah, but criminals are less noble than aliens. Very not noble, actually.
  • Actually, it was Elisha, not Elijah (my mistake), and the account is in 2 Kings 6:8-23.
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