This is a email Ive sent to Image Marvel and DC and they have not got bck to me please read and maybe you can help or send this to someone who can thank you(________ are were I inserted Image Marvel and DC in)Dear _________My Name is Cameron Hortenberry. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I am a Sr. in Scarlet Oaks Career Developent Campus. I am doing Sr project on the whole processes in making a comic book. If you could give me info on it I would greatly appreciate if you did. Also I need to have some type of interview with some one that is involved in this process, email interview or phone or what ever it may be. So if anyone could get back with me it would help me a lot. If no one at _____ can help me then if you could direct me to someone who could.Thank You so muchCameron Hortenberry

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  • I could help you. I just worked on something simple enough recently using a graphic tablet and computer software. I could share some ideas with you. you may contact me at
  • I am a writer/inker/letterer/artist in the comic book business. I had my first project recently published through Living Word Publication. If you would like to ask me any questions please contact me at

    Kurt Lewis
    Creator/writer/artist of "The Improbable Barnsy and A Pocket Full of Teeth"
  • I'm a former publisher and now writer for IDW. I've been on both sides of the publishing process, both as editor-in-chief and now freelance writer. I'd be happy to help. Email me at
  • Hi Cameron, I'm Darren Brady the art director for Community Comics. I'm an artist as well and have done many comics and Illustration for maintstream publishers. goto and go to the who page to learn more about me and my partners.
    thanks D.
    • Community Comics is a cool christian comic company with writers like Ben Avery and Artist like Darren. You guys staying busy over there?
  • Hey Cameron,
    I'd be happy to do an email interview:

    and I can point you to some online interviews for you to look through.
  • I have knowledge also. I have beedn published and I am currently working with an independent comic company pencilling a comic called The Power Company. I can answer various questions. I have been behind the scenes in production of making sketchbooks and with creators.
  • Wow thank you all I dont know who I will use but I will check in your guys art and stuff. I really didnt think any one would reply you guys have all made my day!!!!!
  • Cameron, my name is Leon Garcia and though I am not in the comic biz I know of a person that may be able to help you. His name is Sean Galloway and he has done covers and some interior work for Teen Titans his url is I have talked to him and he is a great guy that might be able to give you a hand. Good luck:)
    • Sean "Cheeks" Galloway does some fun work. He also worked on some animated stuff, i believe.?
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