Need advice on inspirational comics

I have 192 Christian inspirational comics called “Cross Words” that my father created in the 80s. He died in 1998 and the comics have been on my mom’s bookshelf ever since. They are still relevant today. Each one is one frame and gives a good message. I’m looking for advice on where I could get these published? Maybe in some kind of Christian newspaper or website? I thought about making a tear off daily calendar but only have 192 images. Any advice would be appreciated. Is there somewhere I can upload a few on this site so you have a better idea of what I’m talking about?

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  • Here are a few examples of the comics.

    • Interesting.  These look ideal for coloring pages for a Sunday School class. You might try taking some (10?) of the most engaging pages and let a Sunday School teacher try them out in their class, as a field test.

  • How you approach this depends a lot on what you(and your mother) want to get out of his work.  If you want money you can offer samples to a recognized publisher. We have a few people on site (not myself) who can give you some advice on how to best approach that effort.

    If you have a vision for how/who would benefit from these cartoons for little or no money, then that will dictate your next strips. Any decisions you make should be made together with your mother unless all rights have been sign over to you.

    • Thanks for the advice. We are not thinking this is going to be our money train. We just want to get these out because they have some great messages. I’m trying to post a few in the photos section.
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