Merch and marketing.

Wot ho my international brothers & sisters. I'm fairly new to this & I'm currently trying to set up some shops using print on demand websites so that I can sell some of my work. nowadays they call it 'merch' I believe. Does anyone here have any experience &/or advice in this regard? Thanks.

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  • Just to re-post something I said earlier. I had a piece of art stolen from my Redbubble site. Long story short, I gave them a 'take-down' email & they did so quickly. Anyway, in the course of all this I came across a site called The way it works is that you upload the images you want to check and they search online for you. They then give you a list of possible matches which you can either ignore or take action. If you decide to take action Pixsy will help you. If you think it might be of use to you check it out. GOD bless
  • Hi Bert. Great topic. Id love to learn more about this too. Recently cahtting to a comic creator on facebook who uses a site called looks like a good site for selling comica online. Not sure if its POD
    • Thanks for the response Marcus. I'll check that site out. My experience so far is that Redbubble works better for me than Teespring. However, even on Redbubble the ammount you make is very small. I know there are other sites out there but I've no idea where to go next. If you hear of any others please let us know. GOD bless
  • Hi Matt. I've only been on Redbubble since October. So far I've just sold a few Christmas cards to family members. What's your strategy, if you have one? I'm also on Teespring, but there's not much traffic on that for me at least. There's also Merch by Amazon, but I'm still trying to figure out how to format valid PNG files as some I create seem to work ok while others that I create in the same way don't. My Redbubble site is

    the Teespring one is

    If you've already got some sort of following, you could try Teespring and send your folk there. If you hear any helpful tips or advice please let me know. GOD bless

    • I have no strategy at all, I really need one! At the moment my strategy is 'don't quit my day job'.

      I'll let you know if I hear of any other good sites or advice.

      • Hi Matt. Good strategy, unfortunately my 'day job' quit me just about 8 months ago! As for other sites, I've heard of a few but haven't tried them yet. Printful, Printify, TeeFury, TeeRepublic & Qwertee are the sites that I've heard of. I think most of them just do T-Shirts but I know for sure that Printify does other stuff and is, I think, linked with Shopify. Might be worth a go eh. GOD bless

  • I'm currently using RedBubble for merching my artwork:

    It operates as a POD site, so my profits from each sale are small but the advantage is that I have to do nothing (apart from, you know, create the art and upload it and stuff). I've made enough sales through RedBubble for it to be worthwhile.

    I'd be interested to know of other sites/methods that people use!

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