Greetings! My story came to me when I heard the idea of Retro-engineering dinosaurs from living animals like birds is becoming more of a possibility. I believe that there too much science fiction that does not emphasize the importance of still having God involved in it. I prayed for God to help inspire an original story around this very real scientific concept and he helped me come up with this. A story that starts long after the events of the second coming of Christ where you meet those who have inherited the Earth after man has disappeared from the scene. Where a anthropomorphic Dino woman named Astralia is telling and telepathically showing two young teens her life story and how the events in her life reflect the verse from Jeremiah about God and his plans for us in how she and her companions and their decendants were chosen to be the ones who inherit the Earth.

The Inheritors
Astralia is telling her life story of how she became the way she is to two young Omegasaur teens Tharr and Direen. She also shows how everything that happened follows the verse from Jerimiah 29:11 about how God always has a plan for our lives. She shows Tharr and Direen by telepathically showing them her memories back on the artificial island of Terry Wasan where he has it populated by extinct species he helped to bring back. Including Dinosaurs that were retro-engineered from existing birds and reptiles.
Event 1: Astralia meets Zack on the artificial island of Dr. Terry Wasan.
Event 2: Astralia and Zack fall in Love.
Event 3: Meet Miko who wants a body that is beautiful to the human world so she will be accepted by her date Hans.
Event 4: Astralia turns down Terry’s proposal to marry him and he decideds to use her to end mankind.
Event 5: Wasan gives a serum that grants a lifetime of perfect health.
Event 6: Miko gets a blood sample from Astralia with the serum already integrated into her DNA.
Event 7: Miko Grows a brand new body that is picture perfect and transfers her mind into it.
Event 8: The Date at the crescent moon restaurant where Miko makes a fool of herself.
Event 9: Astralia and Miko are going home when Wasan activates a transmitter that makes the two the woman eat a sauropod dinosaur and over the course of the rest of the night turn into dinosaurs under his control.
Event 10: Zack and Hans encounter Angles named Gabe and Grace while they are looking for the women.
Event 11: Zack and Hans leave the angles at the police only for them to appear in the back seat of their car.
Event 12: Zack and Hans find out the truth about Wasan and his real past. His real name is Jose Morante.
Event 13: Wasan demonstrates the powers Astralia and Miko poses to an auditorium full of investors until the discover he has infected them with a deadly virus that has been filling room. Using the girls to spread it.
Event 14: The confrontation.
Event 15 Wasan repents before being eaten by a retro-rex after the angles set him straight.
Event 16: After Astralia and Miko are freed from Wasans control Miko in anger invites Satan and Demons to poses her.
Event 17: Miko and Astralia take flight to stop the missile that carry’s the virus to distribute in the Earth’s atmosphere.
Event 18: They slow down the missiles detonation so that a nuclear intercept missile can destroy it. But they both get caught in the blast that places in a state between life and death.
Event 19: Both receive their revelations about god and God’s love for them.
Event 20: They are risen and restored.
Event 21: Zack and Hans decided to become Dinos like them when it is discovered that their DNA has been irreversibly altered so as to share their pain. 
Event 22: Zack, Astraila, Hans, and Miko all have dream visions of the future.
Event 23: Earth gets hit by a solar flare and the group falls into a deathlike sleep that last for Eons.
Event 24: The awake and discover that humanity has long vanished from the face of the Earth, but God made it possible for them to survive and has given the earth to them and their children long after the permeant banishment of Satan and his demon legions. That the Earth is now theirs to inherit.

Astralia is visited once again by the angles Gabriel and Grace. They have come to bring her home to heaven and be reunited with all her friends and family. Ending the promise of Gods un-ending love and the perfection of his plans for us.

I am looking for a artist collaborator to help me flesh this out so that it can be sent to Kingstone comics and be sold on Amazon. I hope to work with someone who does not depend on comic writing for their livelihood and is satisfied with simply sharing the royalties. Because this story is not about making lots of money. This is about getting Gods truth out into the world in a new and compelling way that will have a permant impact on those who read it and find inspiration from it. If you are interested let me know and we can start to work on this together. I will also accept private donations from anyone interested in funding this project.

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