After beginning my writing in August of 2019, I am nearly complete with my first three comics in a series involving superheroes and dinosaurs. The main character in the comic is a believer, and whereas it might not follow the basic Christian comic plot-line, (i.e. earth-bound angel or person who gets his superpowers from prayer), there are Christian themes that will evolve as the story progresses. There is also no swearing, no inappropriate depictions of women, no sinful relationships, etc. I am beginning the search for an artist. 

Some things I would like to mention.

I've never done this before, I don't even have the necessary copyrights for my character in place, but I'm working on it. 

I still need to finish the final comic from the series of three that I wrote. I then need to proofread them for spelling errors, etc. 

I am using Final Draft to format my comic, I think I did pretty good, but I'm not sure that I did everything 100 percent correct.

What I'm looking for:

Conservative Christian artist who understands the importance of modesty

Someone whose style matches that of more mainstream comics (I'm not looking at manga, cartoonish, or cutesty, this is intended to be a serious comic with serious themes.) The art style of BLUEJAYE #1 from Aspyre Comics is a prime example (just one of many good Christian comics I found online, not affiliated with them or anything.)

I don't know about payment details or anything in that vein right now. It might still be a month or two before I'm 100 percent finished. I'm just trying to begin my search now. 

If you are interested and would like to send me some examples of your artwork, please let me know.

Thanks and God Bless to you all,

Christopher Manta

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  • Hi Christopher... Am Michael Mohammed and I am a Comic book artist... If you're still on the look out for an artist I'm available for hire... You can email me at we can talk better and I can also show you some of my works
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