Looking for a writer.

Hi all:

I'm looking for a writer for a superhero team idea I've been working on.  I'm willing to discuss a deffered payment agreement if needed.  I have 30+ pages drawn out and want to keep going.

Please reply to this thread if interested.


Samples below.8787428061?profile=RESIZE_710x






E Test.docx

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  • Hi! I might b interested. I have done some scripting for my own work and I am a fairly decent storyteller. I would even be willing to swap work as I need an illustrator for my own work. God Bless You.
    Mike Jacobs
    • Hi Mike: thank you for your reply. Do you have samples of your writing I could review?
      • Dear Mr. Weckerly:
        I do. What is below is from my own project, the Samaritan. This scene is where my hero gives his life to Christ.
        Let me know what you think.

        Page 9
        Panel 1: Adam driving home. The snowfall is much heavier.
        Caption: . . . Which one do you think they’ll shovel up first? Ha-Ha-Ha…..
        Adam (thought): “Man, I’ll be lucky to get home.”

        Panel 2: Close-up of Adam, thoughtful, looking at snowflakes, show patterns in flakes.
        Adam (thought): “I wonder: What if Faith’s right… about God? I mean even each snowflake is specially made…”

        Panel 3: Adam’s car, shown from above, snow falling harder.
        Adam (thought): “No! If Jesus were real, His followers would act like it. The world would be a lot different….”

        Panel 4: Adam seen through car windshield, angry.
        Adam (thought): They’d help the little guy . . . But they don’t.… They just go through the motions.”

        Panel 5: Adam, seen through the windshield, looking sad.
        Adam (thought): “There’s no way Faith’s god is real.”

        Page 10
        Panel 1: Car skids out of control.
        Caption: Suddenly…
        Adam: “Hey!”

        Panel 2: Show Adam’s car sliding out of control.

        Panel 3: Adam recoiling in fright.
        Adam: “Noooo!”

        Panel 4: Adam’s car is crashing into an oak tree.

        Panel 5: Show car smashed into tree, Adam unconscious.
        Caption: Napoleon once remarked that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. There are many kinds of journeys, however…

        Page 11
        Panel 1: Adam is in a large hall, looking confused. Think of an Arthurian castle with braziers, tapestries, etc. (He is having a near-death experience.)
        Caption: … Such as journeys of the soul.
        Adam: “W-where am I?”
        Voice (from off-panel): “With somebody you don’t believe in. . . .”

        Panel 2: Adam looking at Christ, in casual royal (wearing robe, crown at an angle, holding sword at pommel (end of hilt) with tip of sword pointed to floor) in His right hand, leaning/sitting on railing nearby is smiling.
        Christ: “… but does believe in you.”
        Adam: “You’re . . . Faith’s god?”
        Christ: “Yes, Adam, I am.”
        Adam: “But, Faith’s a . . ..”

        Panel 3: Christ grinning, holding up hands to show spike holes in wrists, the sleeves of His robe sliding down to his elbows. Adam is with a surprised, terrified expression.
        Adam: “ . . . Christian . . .”
        Christ: “Yes, I know.”
        Adam: “I--- I--- I’m dead, aren’t I? Please… spare me…”
        Christ: “You’re not dead, Adam. I brought you here to make you an offer...”

        Panel 4: Different angle on above, with Jesus’ arms down by his sides.
        Jesus: “…. Serve me. I’ll give you the power to defend the weak, to battle injustice . . ..”

        Page 12
        Panel 1: Adam looking shocked, seen over Christ’s shoulder.
        Adam: “Oh, Lord! I-I-I can’t… I-I-I’m not worthy….”
        Christ: “Adam, I know what you can become... in my service, Adam, and you won’t be alone.”

        Panel 2: Christ’s outstretched left hand indicating a panoramic view of other Christians involved in various aspects of ministry, some passive (caring for sick, charity work, building a hospital) some active (taking part in armed rebellion).
        Christ: “I have many servants… and they’re not just going through the motions.”

        Panel 3: Christ indicating Faith (still in her cheerleader costume) by Adam’s hospital bed, praying, and His left arm in different position as He points to her.
        Christ (off-panel): “… In fact, you know one… and she definitely isn’t.”
        Adam (off-panel): “Faith?”

        Panel 4: Adam and Christ are talking, with their backs to the scene. Adam seems to be almost pleading with Christ as Christ is holding sword handle by right hand, blade in His left hand, blade across His torso.
        Adam: “But, why me?”
        Christ: “I know what you can be, Adam.”
        Adam: “Lord, I’m not worthy to serve you. I don’t know if I can…”
        Christ: “Adam, I know you can. The question is… Will you?”

        Panel 5: Adam is silent, looking as if he is trying to quell his fears and decide, gathering himself.
        Panel 6: Adam is kneeling before Christ. Christ is holding the sword as if about to knight Adam.
        Adam: “If you can die for others, I can at least try to help them. Yes, Lord, I will serve…”

        Page 13
        Panel 1: Adam sitting up in hospital bed, Faith looking up at him suddenly from prayer.
        Adam: “… you. . . What?”
        Faith: “Adam! Oh, thank God!”

        Panel 2: Adam and Faith seen from different angle, Cindy seen in background, wearing volunteer’s uniform (looks like a nurse’s uniform with a few additional touches, stripes on the blouse and dark cuffs.) can be seen waving to them. The words ‘Gilead Medical Center’ are stenciled on the wall behind her.
        Voice over intercom: Delmore to bed ten, Delmore

        to bed ten.
        Adam: “Faith? How did you…?”
        Faith (indicating Cindy): “Cindy called me.”
        Adam: “But, we’re in a snowstorm.”
        Faith: “Hey, you needed a friend.”

        Panel 3: Adam has a thoughtful look on his face as Faith is shrugging her shoulders.
        Adam: “Faith, I owe you an apology.”
        Faith: “What for?”
        Adam: “My comments in the library earlier. Well. . ..”

        Panel 4: Adam and Faith talking again, Faith seen over Adam’s shoulder, smirking.
        Adam: “ . . . I was wrong and I’m sorry.”
        Faith: “Don’t worry about it.”
        Adam: “Thanks . . .. Look, I need to ask you something.”
        Faith: “Sure. What’s on your mind?”

        Panel 5: Adam, embarrassed. Faith seated opposite him, thoughtful.
        Adam: “What, uh, does it mean to become a Jesus Fr-, a Christian?”
        Faith: “Well, it’s…. like becoming a knight.”
        Adam: “Becoming a knight? I don’t follow.”

        Page 14
        Panel 1: Faith is with a thoughtful expression. A scene of a man who looks a lot like Adam in armor being knighted in a backdrop. The backdrop is drawn lightly, as if being seen through the mists of time.
        Faith: “In the old days, men would leave their old lives to serve their king and follow him…”

        Panel 2: The same scene, but from a different angle. Perhaps show the knight receiving a tap on his shoulder from the sword’s tip (?). Still as if being seen through the mists of time.
        Faith: “We do the same through repentance and giving our lives to Christ.”

        Panel 3: Adam is with a thoughtful expression and Faith is with a hopeful look on her face.
        Adam: “You know… I need to do that. What do I do?”
        Faith: “Well, you ask Christ’s forgiveness and ask Christ to be your Lord…”

        Panel 4: The same as above, but seen from a different angle. Faith is seen with a mild pleading expression, Adam thoughtful.
        Faith: “…committing yourself to His service, leaving your old life behind.”
        Adam: “That’s it?”
        Faith: “That’s it… I could pray with you if you want.”
        Adam: “I wish you would.”

        Panel 5: Adam and Faith praying.
        Caption at top of panel: Lord, I come before you asking your forgiveness, for I know my wrongs offend you. I ask you, Lord to forgive my sins and redeem myself to you, that you would be my Lord, and that I may serve you. In Christ’s name, Amen.
        Voice over Intercom: Cindy Delmore, report to ER….
        Caption at bottom of panel: To add to Napoleon’s observation: The journey is half as long when it’s shared.

        I hope you like it. I'll be waiting to hear from you.
        God Bless You
        Mike Jacobs
        • Good stuff Mike
          Would you be open to a test run? like writing dialog and captions for 5, 7 or maybe 10 pages (with direction, setup, bios, etc)?
          Trying to get a feel for working with a writer, have a few others who are interested that I'm talking to on facebook
          • Dear Mr. Weckerly:
            Sure. Let me know what pages you want to be done and I'll be glad to give them a try.
            God Bless You,
            Mike Jacobs
            • Hi Mike: I've added a word doc to this thread below the pictures, if you can't open it please let me know and we can try to send it via email. If you have any questions or suggestions about content, please let me know. I'll check in with you by next weekend if I don't hear from you by then.=) ***I hate to be "that guy" but I do feel the need to spout the legal mumbo jumbo: please don't publish this without my consent. and as always please do not pass my art off as your own original work. I will respect your writing and give you credit if published or posted anywhere online.***
              God bless=)
              • Dear Mr. Weckerly: I have downloaded the word document and will look it over. In regards to the legalese, your work is safe with me. I've had too many people (supposed Christians no less) get in the way of my own work to do it myself (oy!).
                My E-Mail address is
                God Bless You,
                Mike Jacobs
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