Hi, I have been looking for a short script that can be turned into a Christian Graphical Novel. I have an android developer licence. I have already published an educational algebra game (that's another story). So now I'm looking to promote more the Word of the Lord to be published on Google Play (android platform) to be read on tablets, phones, smart tvs.If anyone would like to review all that favors the publishing, I'll be more than happy to send the Word of the Lord on a message to be read on all those mobile platforms.God bless you.

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  • Ok. Well, the story I was looking for has to deal with faith. Humans directly. Kids are included as well, but that's running along a 3d animated series I've wrote and made some test animations. The script with the aim of android publishing would be something of a 2 - 3 page at most.
    Should define basis for faith, repentance and seeking of God.
  • I have a pretty length story that I've written that is a Christian fantasy involving talking animals (unpublished).

    I also have a story about Paul that I illustrated about 5 years ago. I always thought it might be interesting to make it into an interactive e-book for kids or even adults. You can find it at:

    I also have a set of animal characters that I've illustrated for the ten commandments and so forth. They could be fun for kids too.

    Let me know if interested. I do a lot of writing, as well as graphic design, illustration and have developed some animated assets for ipod games. I would be interested in the possibility of helping out!

    Books and Resources
    The Bible Story of Paul: Created in 2010, this free e-book utilizes 30 pages of colorful illustrations in order to convey the exciting life of Paul –…
  • Oh thank you, I´ll follow the link. God bless you.

  • You may want to contact Nate Butler, if you're looking to produce projects with a strong evangelistic  theme.  His company is Comix35 and he is on Facebook. 

  • Well good luck with that and I wish you the best!

  • Well, the kind of story I´m looking forward to develop for the android platform is mostly Christian based (not fantasy), Bible -versed. Kind of like Chick´s christian comic books. Short and centered stories about salvation.
  • have me interested, since im currently expanding the christian fantasy world I've created into more areas and platforms. I have many stories so I'd like to know more!

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