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Greetings everyone, my first post. I joined back in December but have been very busy of late. I've been reading comics since I was a kid, and would draw my own comic strips, but the adversary interfered with my dreams of becoming a writer/artist. I was sidetracked for decades, and about a year ago I bought some art supplies and started "doodling" again, it's not reminiscent of my old art style but with a little practice (okay ... a lot of practice) I should be back. I've been writing little stories here and there and working on characters. Having a little fun with it. I'm in my 50s now, I guess you're never too old, eh?

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  • Do it, man!

    You are never too old. 

    If you don't do it now, you will regret it.

    Grace & Peace,


  • And you are right when you say you're never too old.  Just remember Caleb.

  • Thanks for checking and good job for getting back into your craft. Of course you are never too old :)

  • Yoshi Rhul is right.  Jack Hamm said the same.  And look at the people that often carry CCAS along, they aren't young pups.  (No offence to the young pups)

    I was told to do art in 4th grade, but I avoided it like the plague, then finally got a degree involving it in my 30s.  And I'm in my 40s now.  And my art greatly lacks.  But that's okay.  A teacher of mine said, 'do you know how you succeed in the art world?'  and the class said 'no'  and the teacher said 'you keep doing it.  because at some point all your friends who do art will probably quit, and if you keep doing it, you'll be the one who shines in art'... sad and very hopeful words.  Coming back is awesome.  Jesus is awesome.  Awesome and Awesome must be Awesome.  (0:

  • An artist is never, ever, ever, EVER too old to draw. 

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