Jeda of Unseen World

Hello~ I am Jeda~~ I only like my nickname, for now XD;

I have been drawing for 5 years almost, 2 for drawing anime and now i have my own style of art. It's a mixture of anime-cartooning-realism, a lot of people have said they never really saw art like mine. Strange, you'd think there would be one! O-O


but anyways XD;, i have been a christian for 2 years now and i love to write fantasy comics. The one i am about to show, is one that God has led me to do. Its called UNSEEN WORLD. It has fantasy, adventure, scifi, and some disturbing images, just a warning. Its not surreal, but i made evil actually look, well evil. Ugly, vicious and scary, so this is not a comic sutible for ages 13 and below.


SO please check out this site:


Here are so m pictures:

Mai the King : Mai is the representation of Jesus, he is 3 in one, lion, tiger and Eagle, his tail has many feathers, they represent the plentiful love and spirit that God has for us, meaning he will count you as his own, if you have faith to believe that God has come down to earth, as Jesus, and forgiven you of your sins!

I Am : A picture of Mai and Jesus.

Azura the SkyWolf : Unseen World or UW, is a story of the world that is hidden before our eyes, now i don't believe there are elves and talking animals everywhere, but to make it more obvious of the unseen world, this comic has elves, and centaurs and many other creatures. Such as this one, but he is not form Earth, his name is Azura, he is a Skywolf of the planet Saiphe Hayven, hope you think he's cool 8D, he has a sister as well.

Manasseh and Ski : Manasseh is an elf, he is forest and ice elf mixed, he is a very important part in this story and my life, and my life, representing some one who has gone, but is still in my heart. The wolf is Ski, she is a Skywolf, twin of Azura, she is the invert of him and he is the invert coloring of her. She is my fave character. She was one of the first wolf or character that i made as a christian.

Here is the last page for now :D :

Mirage the Ice Elf : Now my characters don't do magic unless they are evil, they are considered the elements of ice, Fire, Forest and blah because that is where they come from, the humans grudgingly gave them these names, like they spat it, calling them evil. Mirage is Manasseh's mother, she died sadly, a long time ago. SHe was about 120, not sure.

Brooke McCain : one of the most IMPORTANT Characters of the UW main story, she was only 13 (it says 14 sorry -.-) when she found out about the Unseen World. Her pert on this world that is truly unseen, is still a mystery, but she is of great importance to stop this one villain of madness withe the help of Mai.


Sorry these are not mostly the main characters, hopefully i can get these in order, but Mai is the most important, i just haven't made refs for Many characters, and the ones i did make for them are OLD. XD

Please leave feedback~ No Harsh critiques XD you can critique, just not harshly lol.

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  • I drew a new Picture for UW~ This is my Character Manasseh the Ice and Forest elf:

    He is 500, and has 4 children, all to one wife, married for 300 years, her names Rayna X3, he represent my Brother, so he is very important, plus i just thought i would share, i just recently drew this at a party! XD An ugly sweater party lol! he normally does NOT attack someone unless they have attacked someone who is close to him and who he cares about, including his tribe, his family and friends, and sometimes it depends on who it is, he will defend if told to by Mai.


  • Thanks for the encouragement~ I have been trying to bible study, sometimes its hard cause i feel like i rad everything! XD I have been a christian for almost 3 years, so its still difficult at times D:

  • Hello Jeda. Checked your character concept and website. I love it - it's wonderful concept :) I love that you use the fantasy element to depict the God and His power in the Unseen World. Since I also love fantasy - and yes God is the origin of the fantasy! - I realised I was actually thought similar idea as your 'Unseen World' a bit different way :) Keep you concept, keep yourself inspired by God - which is: keep build a good relationship with Him - and keep practice your drawing skill. It will be perfect then :D 

  • Um i am doing both, i have been writing a comic that God has led me to draw, and i feel like its bland and stiff at times, many say i am doing well, so it could be just my artist critique popping out of me to criticize me XD Unseen World or UW, has got to be better than good D:

  • Hey Jessica, Welcome to CCAS. Looked over your site and your pieces: lots of energy and bright colors, excellent horses. Very Nice!

    What kind of feedback are you looking for?  What are you working on artistically and in storytelling?

  • Thanks alot~ Praise God for this wonderful gift~ And your message 8D

    If anyone would like to see me draw live, i Livestream frequently, its only if anyone wants to lol

  • Hi Jeda,

    I read the beginning of your webcomic and admired your artwork. I do like your style! Yours is a very intriguing sounding story set up, it looks like it's going to be great! May God bless your art and writing, and use it to touch hearts.


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