Hello everybody, my name is Piet and this is the very first time I been on a chat room. I have been drawing a comic book about the book of Acts. I just got on my computer to see if their is any websites that I would be able to talk to folks who are like minded, and Praise God I found one. I love history and as a believer the book of acts is a perfect story of the beginning of the church. I always wanted to illustrate what i pictured in my mind when I would read the book of acts in church or at home. At my church we learn the bible one verse at a time so I thought it would be a good idea to draw a comic strip one verse at a time. I have been doing it for many years, but one day I was showing it to a friend and she said to me "you should publish it for others to see". I started to think about that idea and so here I am. Of course I want to glorify God in this endeavor. I have a long way to go but hopefully with a little perseverance I might have it done in a couple of years. As I said before I am really new at this disscussion forum, and I have no idea how to send some of my work. Is their anybody out there who could help me?

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  • first of all, you can post samples of your work in your photo section of your CCAS page (or post them in this section by hitting the upload files button).

    Illustrating the book of Acts is indeed a worthy and detailed project, as I have been taking in on during my 2nd, 3rd and 4th books of my Eye Witness series.

    Of course there is room for many variations and visions of these events and even though my series will be over 400 pages when all is said and done, it still only hit upon only about (I'll guess) 20-25% of the content in this wonderful, adventure filled book.

    Feel free to call upon me if I can help.

  • I can't tell you much, only this: When dealing with the Bible, especially new testament stuff, you'll be treated like a pariah, even with "Christian" publishers. Don't be fooled, Christianity is a market. If you need proof, check out the International Christian Retail Show. Plenty of publishers, but if you aren't marketable, you're on your own. (This isn't said to be hateful; I went last year in Orlando, and was told, with seasoned words, that people want 95% feel-good, 5% God. One distributer even told me that unless it had sex in it, it wouldn't sell.) Even well known artists like Kyle Baker have trouble selling Bible. They all end up self publishing out of pocket, which you shouldn't mind, seeing how this really can't be approached from a "I wanna make lots of cash" standpoint.
    I can also say that if you feel the Lord pushing you to do it, then He'll provide all you need for it, but you WILL have to work for it. Ask, and believe He'll meet your request. Seek, and don't stop till you find it. And if you come to a closed door, knock on it until it opens. Pound on it. It may take "a couple of years", but it will happen. He delights in giving us the desires He puts in our hearts.
  • Glad to hear you are working on Acts. Like you, I find it very rewarding to draw bible stories one verse at a time. One of the best experiences in seminary was when I took Biblical Greek, and was forced to slow down to a snails pace. It allowed time to let it soak into the hard soil of my heart. I am currently working on James, and have uploaded the first pages onto the website.

    Earnest Graham
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