One idea that I am definitely game for is to do a collaborative type of comic where a single theme is present throughout and different illustrators contribute.  This will offer the opportunity of artists on all levels to draw. REGARDLESS of level of ability. I m sorry if I seemed like I was alienating artists of lets say less technical expertise, Its wrong to do that, EVERYONE should and can have a voice. If we all get together and post say an online version of something that we can all contribute to over time, we can make one MASSIVE comic that can have all kinds of twists and turns. Scott Mc cloud talked about projects like this in the early days and to my  knowledge I dont know if anyone ever picked up the ball and ran with this.

I think we should try.

any thoughts.

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  • Agreed. Like I said, I know the story is intense, and perhaps it really ISfor ME to write... Once I find the art I will upload it for all to see, so if any " flack" happensit will come directly to ME and not impact on any one else.
  • Hey Elgin,


    Hm. WOW.


    That's a pretty intense tale to kickstart a concept like this. From my perspective, that type of thing would be better handled by an individual who has more in-depth insight, and a specific point of view regarding the content. Handing pages of this type  of tale  to various individuals, you never really know  who you're going to get, and what their biases are.

    Now that said - biases will show up in any project, but in this one...yeek!

    Your story in and of itself though is probably an important one that should be tackled, and as you said, in a very sensitive manner.


    How about a modest proposal:

    Why not start with something really simple and a little more fun and somewhat more generic? This way 1. Everyone who wants can get on board 2. It will be an easier topic to wrap ones head around. 3. It will allow us to go through the paces of basic storytelling and get everyone who's interested on the same page. If we then continue other stories either with the same cast, or move to whole new tales with more complex/difficult content, everyone has a starting point to begin.


    How about:

    • a "team" story of 3 highly iconic/simple characters (this way it will be cool to see everyone's take on them - kind of like how Batman can be drawn a billion different ways and still be recognized)
    • 24 pages
    • Each page will be based loosely on a 6 panel grid - or at least that is how the story should be written, assume a maximum of 6 panels a page (how the individual artist places the panels is up to them, but this focuses the storytelling and makes it straight forward).
    • Beginning, Middle, and an absolute End
    • Should have some sort of conflict (but doesn't necessarily mean fisticuffs)
    • Should have some sort of application of Faith or the Christian walk to resolve the conflict
    • It does not need to be superhero oriented

    I will also recommend a single letterer/balloon placement person to maintain a sense of consistency  (I volunteer!)




  • All this is illustrated, but I ran out of steam. I wanted to make the story about this mans struggle, but felt I would only sink into cliches about homosexuality, and did not want to do that. My plan was to get more informed on this issue and come back... But until now it hasn't happened.
    This s a big subject, and an important one. Controversial and emotionally charged. Who ever wants to help undertake it is going to really have to b motivated,informed and sensitive. I will not be put off if you feel this is too ambitious a subject to tackle, but if we do it I can assure you that we as comic creators,artists, authors, will be more than a blip on the comic landscape. Your thoughts, pro and con are welcomed
  • Let me give you all a heads up on the story...
    Several years ago I wrote and illustrated a story with a prodigal son type theme.. The story opens as we find a young man looking lovingly at an engagement ring he has purchased for his bride to be. Upon arriving at his destination, he sees his loverliplocked with another. He drops the ring, flies into a rage and strikes..the woman who was kissing his lover. He torns to his lover demanding an explanation for this act of betrayal. His lover goes on to explain how e as given his life to Christ and is soon to be married, to the woman he was kissing. The angry youth mentions that he has had enough church and Christianity to fill a lifetime. We then go into a flash back sequence where he is in his fathers church

    His father,the pastor, is giving a sermon to his congregation. He spots his son in the audience fast asleep, and makes light of it publicly for the sake of the congregation, later to explode in private, as this defiance has happened more than once. Words are exchanged and then the pastor points out observing the son involved in lewd acts of homosexuality in his office, and even on the alter at night. The son, shocked and angry at being exposed defiantly admits to being a male prostitute, and demands his trust left by his late mother. The father reluctantly writes the check, hands it to the son who storms out behind a few choice words...

    All of this is illustrated and
  • Assigning each page of art to seperate artists makes sense, but maybe for the script you could assign the dialogues of individual characters to particular writers across the entire comic collaboration.  And assign the narration/plot aspect to yet another writer.


    That way, you can assign writers who would be great at representing certain characters to those characters for the scope of the entire project.  One writer could script a domineering character, another writer a brooding character, yet another writer assigned to the main protagonist, etc.


    Although it would take on aspects of improvisation, it would still be both readable and manageable.


  • Hello Elgin,

    Sounds fabulous! I'm a huge fan of cross overs and have been scripting some ideas of my own. This could be an awesome expression of faith as well as witness tool. Few things trump the charge of seeing multiple characters gathering for a greater good. My web comic the footsteps of Matthew Cross Faith Walker is published by New Creation Now( He would be excellent if your extravaganza had segments that have a high adventure or superhero element. Check it out s official site  @

    Please keep me posted on the progression of this concept.

    Walking through the Doorway of Destiny,

    Clint D. Johnson

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  • Elgin,


    Keep in touch with me regarding this - I have some ideas on how to co-ordinate it.



  • Of course writers will be involved. I will give the brief plot summery as I developed it. This story began well on my part,but then short circuited, perhaps doing a jam comic is the best way to revive it and give us all a great community project.
  • Actually I do have a storyline in mind.. It's one I started a few years ago...I will work at finding it and uploading it... As soon as I do, I will give the editorial guidelines, heh...

       Will this project just be an art exposition?  Or will it actually have a script?  lol


       If there's going to be a story involved, then it will be a very nice project.  Very nice.


       So what about it?  Will writers be involved, too?



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