Just read the book. I suggest this to any budding comic artist out there and even those who been doing it for awhile but want to have a speedier production process.

This book helps with two of the most major problems I have seen and I have dealt with drawing comics-Perspective and backgrounds(buildings, cityscapes). Using photoshop the author provides you with an easy method to map out any perspective you need. BAM! That like leaping over a tall building as a comic artist. But no more trying to figure this horizon line and using a ruler to do this and that(free on his site- It's simple and effective. The book has Hybrid methods so you don't have to go completely digital and just use the perspective grid and do some digital roughs and then print it out to do finished pencils and so on.

Plus the author shows you how to take scanned buildings and transform them into different buildings you can cut and paste and form. That eliminates the tedious drawing building after building burn out, especially if you draw superhero comics. And you can get the free program where you can create 3D models and transform them into whatever you need.

Now do you still need to know how to draw? Yes and No. If you've been at it for years and know some photoshop then you'll be able to pick up the info in this book fast. If not, you can still learn how to get where you would like to go as a comic book artist fast, because many painstaking methods have been removed to do great art. This book is about Mastering time and that is something I'm all for. In a year I'll start my own trek into digital drawing, but maybe even sooner.

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  • Here is a method to prepare your page for coloring. Make sure your page is RGB or CMYK.  Then the next two pages are Photoshop Tool short cuts and Tips. The last page is if you scanned in the page in. Hope this helps.3884423754?profile=original3884423650?profile=original3884423827?profile=original3884423852?profile=original

  • I don't have anything ready to color yet. I have a piece in production right now I am just trying to figure out how to do it for when i am ready. of course if I have to if all else fails I could go to sketchbook pro to color it

  • Explain about adding color. Are you trying to color the piece as the final piece? I can share some tips to do that. But also check out these book and the one I recently been reading

    Two good books. But I can go ahead and get you started with how to color in photoshop if you want. 

  • will do i am still trying to figure out how to add color. I figured out how to do hue saturation for changing to whole drawing page into one color like the nonphoto blue look

  • Well contact me if you need help with photoshop. I don't know it all but i can help if you have any questions regarding coloring and other stuff.

  • yeah i have learned alot from reading the book. i am still relatively new to digital art but i am learnig it pretty good now. I just got photoshop 3 days ago so i still have a lot to learn about it I have been mostly using Manga Studio for comics and Sketchbook pro for my other drawings

  • I don't know the differences. But I think they are simislar in some ways. If you never used photoshop there is a learning curve using the book.

  • I finally figured out how to convert the line drawings into the non photo blue look in photoshop talked about in the book took me three days to figure it out but I fanally did

  • i noticed on the book it uses cs3 and cs4 and the current version is cs6 what difference is there in the different versions

  • @Paul-Yea I had photoshop for some years now and I'm still learning it. It's a great program and the book opened my eyes on many features.

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