I received an "I hate you because you are a Christian" type of review on Amazon from someone named Philip Tomlinson who is really attacking me for faithful beliefs expressed in my Silly Daddy webcomics blog, and not the book he claims to be reviewing on Amazon (Silly Daddy graphic novel). If any of you have time, would you vote "No" in that review where it says "Was this review helpful to you?"

The attack impacts all my work, including a new Silly Daddy eBook I have just released.  Here's the link to where the hateful review is, halfway down the page:

To give you an idea how mean-spirited this review is, here is a quote: "in his words you'll find an author so far up his own backside he can't see what an abysmal failure his output is."

Thanks for helping, and may God bless you for your assistance. Joe Chiappetta

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  • That's great to hear. I've had to deal with a couple of these types of attacks (those which are of a personal nature, disguised as a book review).

    I'm relieved to hear that Amazon agreed!

  • Thanks everyone who helped out with the voting of this. Your unifying work has paid off. Amazon just recently removed the mean review! I am so grateful for your support.
  • Rich Conturo said:
    I reported the review to Amazon as "Inappropriate". Hopefully they'll remove the review altogether. Nonetheless, be glad and rejoice! When these things happen to us we are actually being honored in Heaven.
  • I reported the review to Amazon as "Inappropriate". Hopefully they'll remove the review altogether.
  • They will hate you because of Christ. You've got my support and I registered my "NO" vote.
  • Joe, you need to find some folks who have read your book and can post a positive review of your book on Amazon. Until some better reviews come along, this one will never disappear (no matter how many of us click "not helpful").
  • Hey Joe, I've also clicked on the 'no' button, and reported the comment as inappropriate. Update us if and when the review is removed. Good luck.
  • I also clicked the "No" button twice. God bless you in all your endeavors, Joe.
  • I reported the review as inappropriate, as well unhelpful.
  • Wow. That would be outstanding!
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