Hello from New Zealand! My comic about Jesus

Hi everyone, CCAS friends and fellow artists


I wanted to share my comic with you, Jesus The Temptations.


Jesus: The Temptations graphic novel is a huge milestone for me, both in my creative career and in my personal life. The script is 45+ comic pages long and I have illustrated (written penciled, inks, coloured) 5 pages which you can preview in part here.

In short Jesus: The Temptations Graphic Novel is about Jesus's temptations by the Devil in the Wilderness, as described in the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke. I want to explore the process of spiritual conflict, the themes of Jesus's struggle with the Devil, and his journey of transformation in the most challenging situation - namely being tempted and attacked by the armies of Satan.

The comic is going to go through a crowd funding campaign, and I would love to keep you up to date! Please fill in the form below to sign up to my newsletter mailing list, where I will keep you 100% up to date on the creative process of creating this comic.

Below are a few pages from the comic, and I will be updating it free for read, in the below link. Please let me know what you think, and also sign up for the newsletter if you want!




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  • Looks great friend!
  • Love your art. man! I'm very interested to see where this goes. I live across the ditch and up a bit from you in NSW Australia, but I also have family living in NZ :)
    • Hey Matt
      nice to hear from a fellow south pacific comic artist, yes I have family in Brisbane and Sydney, Aus is such a great country. Thanks for those encouraging words Matt, keep up to date by signing up for the newsletter and following the facebook page. I am getting there, hopefully finishing the graphic novel within the next few months or so.
  • Absolutly amazing work with the paints!

    I've got an Indie spotlight in my newsletters every wednsday and I've been looking for more Christian based comics and wholesome stories to share.

    Would you mind if I share your work and give you a shoutout. My audience would love your work!
    • Hey Christian

      how did that all go?

      Thanks for supporting my work! Almost finished the comic now, just need to colour the last half of the book.
    • Oh totally, I would love that! Whats your email or best way of chatting with you?
    • Just Checked out your website as well. Absolutly amazing!
      • Thank you Christian!
  • Looks great mate
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