Greetings: I'm happy to know this website.

Hello everyone in CCAS!

Firstly, I thank God to let me find this website out 'cause I didn't expect there's such a website like this. This is wonderful website for Christian artists!

I also thank you for few good welcoming comments :)

Let me introduce myself:

Unlike majority CCAS members, I live in a different continent. I live in South Africa. SA time flies 7 hours faster than New York. More interesting is that I'm not South African :P I'm South Korean (that's why my name is Youmin Park) and my family has moved to SA 9 years ago for the missionary purpose. My family serve a church with a children service and a social welfare in a township. 

I started to learn English since I was Gr.10, which is the time that I moved to SA, so you may realised my grammer isn't fluent as an English speaker. Hope you kindly understand me ;)

I was dreaming to be a comic artist/animator since I was very young and wished to be educated in a good institution that teach comics/animation specifically. (Personally I wanted to move to America, learn art and hoped to join Disney or Dreamworks lol) However, God directed me to South Africa and He provided me BA Information Design degree in the University of Pretoria. Some people say the miracle happens all the time - and yes it did. He helped me to graduate the course miraculously. I was not disappointed about studying design 'cause this course actually made me realise that I have learned valuable theories to improve my future comics in different - or maybe new - concept!

Though I have studied design, my true passion is on comics, animation, illustration...I guess anything regarding illustration :)

As many CCAS members do, I also love the fantasy. God is the origin of fantasy. God has been humbled me with various spiritual experiences, gifts and fights - He still does now :P - and this helped my heart to dream to make comics/manga to let people know about the God how He wants to show Himself in visual way, how the spiritual fight happens - and how it actually works -, how Christians should receive/use the gift etc... Problem is my story always has a clear message but it's too epic.

Sharing, discussing and showing concepts, ideas, faithful life from you CCAS members will be awesome experience for me! Please check my artworks from my page or from 


Many thanks for taking your time to read my greetings. Any question from you are welcome.

All the best and victory everyone :)


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  • Welcome to the community, Youmin!  Like you I was very happy to find a site dedicated to Christian comic writers.  By the way, your artwork looks great!

    I also definitely understand your dilemma regarding having a story that's "too epic", because I am in the same boat.  But what I've come to learn is that all you can do is just get started and entrust the outcome to the Lord.  Even if you never get to complete your story arc, as long as you're using your talent to glorify Him it's okay.  We don't see all ends but He does.

  • I'm looking for someone to illustrate a comic, I have one that God gave me to do. It's a Christian superhero, but im not making that known to the "world" because I'm presenting the gospel through it. I have the story line done up to issue 3, and i have a sketch of the three main characters. I'm looking for someone who would be willing to do the illustrating and comic layout. if your interested, or know anyone who can help me, please email me at

  • Welcome Youmin! Wow, what a moving introduction. I feel so blessed to read your story and how your family is doing great work in South Africa. You and your family will be in my prayer. On top of that you are an awesome artist! Looking forward to your future comics! :)

  • Hi Christo! What a small world :) Thank you for checking my works.

    Happy to meet another South African... in Centurion too!

    I wonder if your job that told me is regarding comics and/or creativity hehe.

    Hope we keep in touch and wish God bless your job ;)

    Have a good holiday!


  • Hi Youmin!

    Great to meet another South African here on CCAS! Although I've recently accepted a job assignment outside SA!

    I like your art style & especially that you use it to serve God!



  • Hello Gerry! Your comment and reply always makes me cheerful ;) - and thank you very much for understanding my poor grammer skill!

    Well, South Africa normally imports comics/manga from overseas a lot - and there are lot of American and Japanese comic/manga fans. Oh yes recently they also imported Korean manhwa too. However, few Korean manhwa is known in SA. Rest of comics/manga that I can find in SA is - as usual - like Marvel comics, DC comics, Vertigo comics, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Bakuman blahblah.

    (Oh I also saw a Twilight manhwa - I believe it's Korean lady who made it - in SA book store too)

    Apparently there are very few comic artist exists in SA. Sadly SA indigenous comic market is very, very small. Majority SA people do not care about comics - rather on children's books, education, magazine illustration and DESIGN. SA democracy policy has been only 12 years - since 1994 - so most of SA comic artists are focused on politics, satire, social issue etc than entertainment :P

    As comic writer/artist in SA, it is hard to live with. However, illustrator in SA education & children's book industry can live fair though. 

    In fact, SA greatly cares in illustration than comics/manga. Illustration is one of promising 'design' industry in SA, especially in Cape Town - I wonder if you have heard of that city. If you are curious about SA illustration style, check the following website (this website is one of best illustration industry in SA):

    Since they love illustration than comics, drawing style that they normally looking for is basically European illustration style than American comic style.

    Yes Spiritual fight is absolutely fantastic and delicate. I've read Christian books wrote by many American Christian leaders who have experienced God's vision and the power of Holy Spirit - thanks to my father. Since I believe that this kind of topic should be treated careful, I decide to receive an inspiration by God - the origin - only to portrait it well & correct. I must spend many good times with Him ;)

    Keep in touch Gerry.

    Happy Holiday Season too!


  • Hello Brien. Thank you for welcoming and your agreement what I said lol :D 

    God has been inspired me many illustration & styles but sometimes I wish that my drawing skill gets more 'epic' than now...:P Keep in touch!

  • Hello Buzz. Thank you for checking my works. I'm honoured ;) I just wish and hope that God use my drawings and ideas to spread His wonderful story - in a clever way. I'm looking forward to see how He's gonna lead me. Thanks again. Keep in touch ;)

  • Thank you Ralph! I'm also curious to see how God is going to grow my art & creativity. Keep in touch ;) 


    Greetings: I'm happy to know this website.
    Hello everyone in CCAS! Firstly, I thank God to let me find this website out 'cause I didn't expect there's such a website like this. This is wonderf…
  • God bless you and your family in your service to Him.  God has really gifted you.  I'm looking forward to see your growth as an artist.



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