Greetings from the (not so) Golden State

Hello CCAS family!

My name is Ryder, located in Orange County, and I'm currently working on an ongoing series called Ultimate Millennium: 

A comic based in the aftermath of a second United States Civil War, where California had seceded from the Us to become it's own country - igniting the a war between the East vs West. In the end, The Midwest became abandoned territory occupied by rogue factions, enemy countries, or nothing at all while the East coast reverted back to 13 colonies. All the while, a mysterious spiritual virus has been infecting people, especially teenagers, all across the continent with symptoms of pain, lack of body functionality, addiction, and even death.

Four teenage boys that lived in and narrowly escaped the California territory are now making a desperate journey to the East Coast in the hopes to live a better life. On their way, they'll soon find out just how important their discoveries on the road will be to solving the plague, and how Jesus had part of it.


I am at the moment in the final phases of the first chapter as I finished illustrating back in October and am wrapping up the lettering process (2/3 of the way done!) with chapter 2 of Ultimate Millennium already in the works. You can find my other works and frequent Ultimate Millennium updates on Instagram @ryderlcomics. This comic is also in Black & White.

I was called to work in comics to spread the gospel as I believe it's one of the greatest forms of story telling, and can reach a person in all of their sense and emotions. Jesus called me to work in comics after my stepdad one day handed me a pamphlet that he wrote on in church out of nowhere, saying "God is telling me, your art talent is from Him, and He desires for you to use your "gift" and your characters to reflect Jesus - in a world that contains a lot of principalities and powers in heavenly places!". That was when I knew that my calling as a Christian was to use comics, like Ultimate Millennium to spread the gospel and the truth of the Bible.

Here is an example of one of the first few pages - with a headshot of all four main characters.


Feel free to message me here or on Instagram, I'm excited to make new friends and hear from all of you! Thanks for reading :-)

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