Glad to be here

Hi, My name is Lee Jiles and I am a comic creator and penciller. I am part owner of About Time Comics along with my long time friend and collaborator, Eric Dotson.

We currently have three titles in the works, Godsend, Dreamer, and In-Flight Service, You can find out more about our titles here

Eric and I are Christians and while I wouldn't classify our books as Christian comics, we strive to make our books how we think mainstream comics should be. We think any story can be told without using foul language, nudity, over the top violence and blood and guts. Some things are better left to the imagination and that's where I feel that mainstream comics, for the most part, have gone wrong.

I am also currently running an indiegogo campaign for Godsend. You can see the account here

Please take a look and consider pledging or just help me to spread the word, with your help, Godsend #1 will be a reality.

I look forward to getting to know more Christian creators and getting familiar with the site.

Thanks for having me,

Lee Jiles

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  • You don't have to be "Christian comic" to use Godly and Christlike characters in your stories. I think that you are on the right path. Stories should have realistic situations, plots, and events and cast with characters who exemplify the heart of our savior. The characters should be fallible, make bad decisions and even do wrong. But in turn seek repentance and atonement for their behaviors. Characters should even battle with moral dilemmas that challenge their personal morality. As the story pans it should show the consequence of action. This would do a greater service to the kingdom than a project centered around "holy rolling"...but that's my never to be humble opinion...

  • Welcome brother.

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