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Hi everyone!  I'm a writer, and I'm just getting started on my first graphic novel.  I am in need of some guidance.  So far, I've got the story line down for thirteen books and I have an artist drawing character concept drawings.

I'm not sure how to get the process going though.  Any tips on how to get from start to finish with a great series of on line comics would be greatly appreciated.

Much thanks, and God bless!


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  • Could you clarify a little more about the project you want to create?

    Do you want to publish digitally or in print? Do you want to release 13 separate books or a single graphic novel? These questions will help you pace your story appropriately.

    It sounds like you have already created some of your characters, which is good. Characters drive a good story. I think your next step should be to write the story beats. What are the important things that will happen in the first issue? How many pages will you take to show each of those important things? How will you find a balance between action scenes and quieter dialogue scenes? What cliffhanger will the first issue end on?

    Congratulations on staring your project. We would love to see the character sketches.

  • I would encourage you to serialize it on as it is a great platform for publishing. You can find me there at and get a sense of what the platform can do. Sounds like you'll need to hire an artist to get the level of commitment needed to finish such a project. Also on the technical side, it might be good to have the first 20 pages done in advance so you don't get behind. Of course, for the web, you only need the art at 72 DPI, but make sure the art for any later print editions is at 300 DPI.

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