Sorry for the inactivity. I’ve been really busy and have been having a lot of anxiety (I’m on a new medication which has helped tremendously). I’m hoping to get seriously get started on writing the first volume/chapter (I’m actually leaning more towards publishing the series on WEBTOON now). Anyway, I came up with a new angle for my series. 

I’ve been thinking that all of Dalton’s clients have some kind of irregular ability (or at least irregular abilities were somehow involved in the case) and it’s his job not only to get a “not guilty” verdict, but also to continue to keep irregular abilities hidden from the world. I also thought he might have committed some sort of an act against an agency (not sure whether the agency is government or private, but I’m leaning towards private) that works to help integrate Irregulars into the normal world while keeping their secret. Him taking on cases is how he repays the agency for what happened (I’d love to hear your ideas about what happened). 

I also came up with an idea about how Irregular abilities scare many people and how some people have tried to wipe out irregular abilities (hoping to be a little bit of an allegory for eugenics) or exploit Irregulars for their own reasons. I haven’t entirely figured out if the government is on Irregulars’ side yet or not. I do know Brianna lives in fear of being discovered because of her brother’s murder. I’m also not sure what percentage of the population has Irregular abilities. I’m thinking less than one percent of the world’s population has Irregular abilities but that New Eden has the largest percentage of any country, with the majority of New Eden’s Irregular population living in the capital. 

I’d love to hear your guys’ thoughts on this. Bye! ‘-‘

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