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      So, I have course signups coming up for the spring semester at my college. I want to take another art class, and one that I hear I should take from a lot of artists (famous and not) is a figure drawing class. The class focuses on learning to draw the nude body. I can understand how learning the anatomy of the body will help improve drawing.

      However, as a Christian, I'm not sure whether I should be taking the class or not. I want to hone my craft, but I don't want to go about it the wrong way. So, should I take the class? If not, are there any alternate ways to improve my drawings of people?

       Any advice is appreciated. Thank you. :)


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  • Just don't have any outside-of-class nude drawing with your significant other and you should be fine ;)

  • I'm currently taking my second Figure class at the college where I'm at. Although it's awkward and sometimes a bit of a struggle to get through, I have seen myself improve a lot from the studies and i do not regret it. For my major, it is required to take the figure classes I've taken/am taking.

    The last semester class I took wasn't so bad, though the one I'm in now has a different feeling because I am in a relationship (we're both in the same class) and very much wanting to save ourselves for marriage and all that. So it feels a bit weird. But Figure class set ups are usually very casual and professional. The point of the class is to better represent the human figure which isn't bad at all. There are some who can abuse that but its a matter of the heart for sure. : )

  • You should absolutely take the class. You should improve your skills as much as you can so your work will be excellent and bring glory to God.

    If you are concerned about the nudity, you have only to consider the works of great masters such as Michelangelo and how they treated nudity, like the statue of David.

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