This is for all of you who are true believers in God whowbelieve that God should have a say in this world. I am proposing to create a faith-based faith finding journey set in Jurassic world that is not in the established film canon. Will still feature the indominus Rex but will not feature any of the other characters or establish dinosaurs other than rexy in the story. My story follows a young Navajo teen woman named Kai golden eagle who through a twist of fate becomes an Indominus/human hybrid. Finding herself in the realm between the realms what she needs to go on her spirit quest to find out God has set her aside for. this story involves learning to accept the mystery surrounding life. Learning to know that there is an underlying supernatural aspect of our reality we are often unaware of. Finding redemption and peace of mind and finding new purpose. Leslie reminding people that even in Jurassic world God still applies and that God could still use these recreate dinosaurs for his kingdom and his purpose. For he is the only true master of nature and life not man. I am looking for a storyboardor, a line artist, and a colorists who makes photorealistic work. Must be based in the US or has a partner who has a bank account in the US to transfer money to. Project will be funded through Upon agreeing you will be paid through the campaign and will share in the royalties. This I promise with Christ as my witness. Respond when you are able at my email Thank you and God bless you. 

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