crawling through the dust


Hello. Artists. I am honored to be here. My name is Shannon.


To lay all niceties aside and get to the point, I am in the middle of a vast spiritual desert right now, and I am searching for an oasis. I have suffered much, and I am need of strength, and healing. I am hoping that I can find support, encouragement, and maybe some direction here in the Network.


I am particularly looking for a mentor, but I don't know the exact protocal for finding one around here. How does one accomplish this? 

I am praying that someone is called to come alongside my mind, heart and hand, and help a wounded warrior get back on the field.

If that's you, let me know! =)




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  • I am with Doug. I will keep you in my prayers, I will definitely be here if you have any questions, or comments, or requests. let me know.


  • im down with lisa =) we are already talking.
  • I'll pray for you, Shannon. Though.. I do hope you will consider putting a prayer request in the prayer forum. I would recommend the same as Ralph, Lisa Hutchinson is outstanding and has artwork to match. If she is willing, I am certain she would make an excellent mentor.
  • I think that many of us have been through a desert experience. Even Jesus was led into the desert by the Holy Spirit. And like Jesus, the Holy Spirit is with you in your desert experience. There are several solid Christian women on this site like Lisa Hutchinson and Kathleen Webb. I would suggest getting in contact with them and starting some sort of correspondence. I will be praying for you and the Lord will continue to strengthen you during this season of your life. I am an assistant pastor of a small church in Southern California and if you need any advice you can email me at May the God of our Savior, Jesus Christ, bless you with all spiritual blessings.
  • Thanks for the encouragment you guys, it really helps to know that I have family out there praying for me, who have struggled similiarly, and continue to live rejoicing. =)
  • Hello, my name is Erik.

    I must say first off that desert's are not necessarily negative, though they are often difficult. God's chosen one's, once they left Egypt, spent a great deal of time in the desert, mostly going in circles. Which may not be ideal. They suffered from unbelief and their hearts became hard, so the time was used to break and prepare them for the land ahead. John the baptizer spent a great deal of time in the desert by choice, living simply, and preaching the coming of one greater than he and proclaiming a kingdom not of this world. Then there was Jesus... Jesus was led by the spirit into the desert to be trained, to be tempted, to suffer, and to refrain from serving himself or his own needs for 40 days. It was something he had to do. He was led to do it. And after he persevered and endured and stood fast... after all that. then the devil left him and angels came to attend him and THEN he began to preach.

    It's always on purpose. it is part of the plan. it's not comfortable, it's not pleasant, it's hard, but if we let ourselves be trained by it, good fruit will come from that dry time.

    that and we must prove our faith. it must be tested. how easy is it to believe when he is pouring through us, crashing powerfully like a divine waterfall... how can you deny that? faith is easy when you feel it. but the dry times... when the only whisper of him may be found in the faint wisp of a midnight desert cloud as it passes silently in front of the moon... the kind of slight mist you can scarcely see even when you are straining your bloodshot, tearstained, eyes ... faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

    hang in there. he is always there. he is always with us, wanting for us, even if we are unaware.

    psalms is good desert reading. "Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD." Psalm 27:14
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  • i know I've seen that title on here "mentor"- and I'm not sure exactly what it entails (I mentor a new teacher at my job as a school teacher- but i think this is different!)

    I'm also the young adult minister at my church (and an ordained minister) so if it's something spiritual, i can try and send some ideas your way. I will say though, Shannon, that since your a lady, i will recomend sprititual mentoring from another lady. That's really the only option there.

    Last, if its something with making comics- i will not claim to have any expertise in comics- however, my work is what it is, and i've been doing comics for a little while, now. my site is which has my webcomic and my lists of some of my work.

    i wish you the best- and you, too, Doug!
  • I feel what you're going through- I'm sure we all have gone through or still going through a desert. When doing Christian focused art, we are under constant attack, it seems.
    Shannon, I'll keep you in my prayers. And I don't know if I'm a mentor type (lol) or have the time (with a family and work) but feel free to write anytime.
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