ComicBook suggestions?

What comic books series would you guys recommend for me to read. I want to read some newer ones to get more insight on the status. However I want to be careful when I read newer ones. I am a marvel fan, but anything beyond that works too. 

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  • Any genera of comic books. I am currently reading the old x-men comics from the 1960s (Interesting history). Whenever I read current comics I try my best to be super super super mindful since they can slip in some form of political correctness or its just plain inappropriate, which is why I usually check the rating before I read it and I am able to detect anything that goes against scriptures (But movies are pretty much the same so I am not surprised at all.) A comic book from a christian writer would be helpful actually. 

  • Are you specifically looking for Christian comics?
  • If you like fantasy action/comedy, try Skullkickers by Jim Zub and Edwin Huang.

    For space things, I would check out anything by Marvel that has Thanos or the Guardians of the Galaxy. Then you will be more prepped for Avengers 2.

    Those comics won't really have a Christian focus, so be mindful of that...

    Of course, for an awesome comic with a Christian message, check out the webcomic O-Boy, created by Kevin Terry and myself after we met on this board. :)

    O-Boy Webcomic

    O-Boy Comics Group
    O-Boy Comics
  • Serious, and a bit dramatic. But fun as well. 

  • If you want space fantasy, Saga has won a whole bunch of awards. I haven't personally reach much of it, but I've read enough Brian K Vaughan to know it's probably brilliant.

  • Comedy? Serious? Dramatic? Parody?

  • Space fantasy, i do like the lord of the rings movies. 

  • What genres do you like?

    What movies do you like?

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