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Hello everyone, my name is Dalton A. Malcolm and I am stoked to be a new member of the CCAS. I'm an animation student and creative extraordinaire lol ok that's pushing it a little!

I actually found this site while looking to recruit more people for Divinely Acquired Media, Inc (DAM). DAM is a entertainment company dedicated to using all forms of visual storytelling to educate, entertain and empower. In other words we're working towards becoming somewhat of a Christian version of Marvel or DC.

Honestly it's an incredibly huge vision and mission but that's why we are constantly looking for business partners, collaborators etc. So that the mandate given to me and my colleagues can become reality. We are just getting started and need your help and prayers! We currently have five stories in development:

- The Infinite Trials of the Believer

- Intervention, Inc.

- The Causatum Chronicles

- Children of the Sun

- Diaries of Agape

We are looking for concept artists, comic artists, illustrators, colorists & writers. If you have an idea for a new Title, our board of co-founders will vote on your pitch but for now our first five stories are our priority! These are not paying positions yet so until we have a solid cash flow we have some VERY reasonable arrangements. We are in need of more funding if that's  how you can contribute...

As far as our content and style... Think "The Matrix" or "Chronicles of Narnia". None of our stories scream jesus but they all have clear christian messages and meanings. We want to create entertainment that will reach the lost where they are and in a language they'll understand.

I would love to tell you more in private so please "Talk to me" lol3449075984?profile=original

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  • Thank you Dalton, sounds great! Wishing you and your projects the very best, keep us posted!

    Be well and be blessed,


  • I made some changes that should answer most of your questions...

  • Hi Dalton!

    Your message title was "Writers and Artists Needed". Can you let us know some details? Myself, I am just an amateur, but I would guess some questions I would have had if I were a pro would be:

    Are you looking for new Titles or for artists and writers for the 5 books you've got underway?

    Are these paid positions? If not, what arrangements do you have in mind?

    How is the funding for your books arranged for? Would you consider backing new projects financially?

    What kind of experience/technical level are you looking for in applicants?

    Do you have any small jobs for unpublished/amateurs at this time? (Not necessarily for pay, but it would be a good opportunity for us amateurs to gain experience and start networking with others)

    Again, I pray that the Lord will bless your endeavours for His Glory and the Glory of His son Jesus Christ!

    Be well, be blessed!


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