Artists, Aliens and Conspiracies

What if…

What if there was a race of beings that were bent on the destruction of mankind?

What if?

What if this race of beings had two unique abilities: invisibility and the power to influence the human mind?

What if?

What if this race of sinister beings used their power of influence to attack mankind, while using their invisibility to make their victims think that they didn’t even exist?

A conspiracy.

What if?

What if this enemy of the human race, also had enemies? A group that had abilities that enabled them to blow the cover off of the conspiracy?

Shedding clarity in dark places using their God-given abilities

The “light bringers”, the illustrators…

Some call them “The Illuminators”.

We call them “ARTISTS”.


Definition: make clear; educate

Synonyms: better, clarify, clear up, construe, define, dramatize, edify, elucidate, enlighten, explain, expound, express, finish, give insight, gloss, illustrate, instruct, interpret, perfect, polish, shed light on

Antonyms: cloud, complicate, dull, involve, obscure

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  • You left out one other ability and that is possessing humans against or according to their own will.

    I don't see the scriptural basis for being the illuminate, all i can think of is servants slaves to Christ. Usually the ones illuminated are from satan the light bearer, lucifer. Christians are the ones crucified to self so that Christ shines thru us, not of our own will, but of our Father's who is in heaven.

  • ME LIKE.

  • Thanks, Chris.

    Great feedback, btw!
  • Yes, all you've stated here is true. I believe God is about to raise up an army that will be gifted and maximized in ways the church and the world have never seen before. They will arise to shut the mouth of iniquity, and silence these aliens, who are merely fallen spirits in clever guise, and who have dared to take credit for making mankind and genetically manipulating society. This army is going to tear down the strongholds of the nephilim, expose their god of forces, and in the name of Jesus accomplish amazing things before the rapture of the church. A people come, great and strong, the like of whom has never been… surely nothing shall escape them… the Lord gives voice before His army… (Joel 2)

    The nephilim who have long deceived mankind, and afflicted the human race, have set a time in history when they will manifest their presence openly: 2012. A delusion will be forwarded something to the effect that, it is they who have created man, not God. 666 is after all, only the number of man as a trinity; Man is God, and there is no other: the antichrist being the ideal man, or the best most god-like a man can become. Their leader may very well arise in 2012, and this liar will “corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits”… those with understanding will instruct many…” Daniel 11:32,33.

    I think artists may have special illumination, because God speaks to us in pictures, and the Word is a narrative, after all. I am excited about the approach of the Days of Awe, and personally seek to know God's will, and go about doing it. Cool illustration, Tony! I will check out
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