Anyone want to chat?

I see that there is a chat feature for the site, and I personally, think that finding out a time when people can physically come on here and chat would help with communication. i would love to hear about what everyone is working on, and how everyone is, but I prefer the "chatroom" style because its more conversation like.



if anyone wanted to actually chat, let me know what time and day, and I will make it. I would, again, love to hear what people are working on, projects, dreams.... and share...



hope to hear from you soon.




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  •   nice chat,  but where was mostly everyone else?


      : )  

  • Is the chat still on for tonight????  Im almost positive i'll make it but if i do I may just be dropping in and out during it because I have something else I'm working on at the same time (6-8 texas time, correct?)
  • ok, i guess i will say it.


    lets try for monday night 7-9. see who can be here. be sure to open up the chat. i have often said hi to people who are "in there" just meaning they are logged on, or looking, but they never respond.



    ok  7-9 monday night eastern time.... hope to hear from you guys!


  •    ooooh   evening chats!


         Sounds great

  • :)  I've read plenty of secular comics that have a great Christian message/theme/undertone to them and they work just as effectively as a comic labelled Christian.  One excellent series I've always brought up to other CC creators is the series OUT THERE by Humberto Ramos and Brian Augustyn (who i believe is Christian).  Its got some great scenes in the series (16 issues???) one of which is where the kids are surrounded by the evil spirits and they join hands and pray and the spirits are vanquished.  (my retelling may be slightly askewed since its been several years since i read them).  It really played uo the whole unseen spiritual world of good and evil.  Not blatantly Christian but its there.  ;)


    Yea, dude, put more of Ember out there...that one seems to have lots of potential!




    Matthew said:

    hey. thanks Eddie. to be completely honest its not a christian comic! though there are some christian themes, we write what we know.
  • hey. thanks Eddie. to be completely honest its not a christian comic! though there are some christian themes, we write what we know. I always thought that it was interesting that DareDevil was catholic. it added a depth of thinking. that being said, if everyone is cool with an "evil" supernatural power giving out powers to the dead (hellboy, constantine, ghost rider, etc....) why couldn't the "good" super natural power do the same to believers that have been killed????

    I have been working on D6 for almost 2 years now. (though i have had pictures/ideas/bios since 2001) it has only recently become something that looks like its actually going to happen. Ember. that kid is crazy cool. another one of my favorites. Appreciate you like it. I should post a few more finished pics.
  • Anytime works for me so someone suggested 7-9 eastern so Im cool with that.  You gents pick a date and I'll do my durndest to be there.  BTW, Matthew, I checked out your blog....MAN!!!!!!!  I'm really diggin' the Disciple 6 and even more so, Ember.  Keep it it, cuz we need solid Christian comics like that!

  • should I assume that evenings are better for most of us?


  • I can chat 7-9 pm eastern time
  • I don't mind setting a time to chat also.
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