Angeldreams #0 Cover Contest!

Yes it's true!Angeldreams #0 is going to be available for purchase and is going to print!It will be stocked at and printed on a "print on demand" basis!You may have read this online for free (at my website and I even posted the whole comic on this forum)but here's your chance to get it in hard copy!!Script: Keith MeltonPencils, Inks and Colors: Mark MeltonCover by:??????????????YES WHO WILL DO THE COVER??That is the contest!I'm looking for an amazing cover of a battle scene of angels and demons from Angeldreams. The minimum # of characters on the cover is 4. But would prefer more.The scene is the war right before the demons get cast out of Heaven. No human characters.Looking for a finished cover! Yes, that means it has to be colored.Leave room at the top for a logo of course.Final size should be: Width 7 Height 10.5 Rez: 300 RGB colorHere's a link to pics of all the characters: will receive credit in the comic and a free copy of Angeldreams #0 with your cover in print.I can't submit the comic to kablam until the cover is done.DEADLINE?MAY 10 at midnight.That's a whole month.Bring it on.Any ?'s just write me.Mark

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  • It was no easy choice. I had 3 entries! The first you saw by Mike. It was a great piece in itself.

    Here was one of the other entries done by Drew McCrory:


    And here is the winning entry by Jethro Morales:


    I should have issue #0 off to the printers by middle June. Finishing up all the files and adding some surprises.
    It will be print on demand at Indy Planet.

  • I'm sorry to hear that! Since taking a few minutes yesterday to browse some of the discussions, I came across your thread and looked at it and the link to the characters.

    Now I haven't had an artistic revelation about this or anything, but if you'd take the time to send me some more detailed character designs, (re: head shots, front, back etc...) for those who'd you most like to see in this cover design (and any explaination or descriptions of character or motivation would also be helpful)....I'll give the design some thought to see if I can come up for anything for you.

    Send them to my email at:

  • Surprisingly no bites yet. It's all good..
  • how's this search coming?
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