A lost friend and the ripple effects.


I've mentioned before a friend whom I may loose. They have been kept and loved as much as I could and I have been satisfied with my efforts to care for them. But through trials put before us both I've realized I can't do anything else for them.

This past week I have encountered reactions that led me to see that they wanted me and my love, but continually refused my help, my offers of God, and what I could offer of my attention wasn't really enough.

Through friends, family, and writings that I've gone over from the past years has led me to God's decision to love them best by letting them go. Seeing as we've known each other through some tough times for 5 years, it was a little difficult to say the least. But it would have continued in a vicious cycle that would have hurt us both a lot more.

I humbly ask for prayer in my time of grieving. I've cut off all communications so it is like death. But I also ask you pray I keep the mind set focused on the good of it all. I am free from their possessive, obsessive nature. No longer bound by illogical thinking that I am believing was because of some nasty spiritual stuff (but also her choice to accept). I have made room for God to rescue her better than I'll would have ever been able to.

I also ask for prayer for family. It seems my dad has trouble wrapping his head around emotions, and the situation that has led to this he has only focused on small things. (Like kosher-ness with myself and Aaron while Aaron was comforting me with the door closed) I am frustrated with my Dad, but I want to love him. Pray his heart is softened and eyes are opened. I want him to be able to relate to his family better.

Thank you, and I apologize if I'm continually distant. There are other issues and blessings that have needed my attention as of late.

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  • Hi Mia. Sorry, I'm a little late in the game, but I've been a little bit busy lately. I'll definitely be thinking about you, and what you're going through. Don't give up hope for your fiend's soul. We do not truly know what can happen at the moment of death. I don't want to start a theological debate, but my pastor believes that at the moment of death, there is a final decision to accept or reject Christ. Just something to think about on the positive side.

  • Thank you very much for all the prayers and kind words. I don't regret the choice that was set before me, and I am slowly healing despite the hurts. I will try to keep updating if I can.

  • It's amazing what we as people go through while we live here.  In dealing with people and circumstances.  On this site we post articles and artwork, and we discuss the scriptures whenever time allows.  But behind it all... we never truly know what the other person is going through.  If only living life were as simple as drawing comics, man what a world this would be.  But one thing I've learned throughout my life is that we all have stories to tell when it comes to the struggle.  God willing we have learned from the situations we have gone through, and have grown closer to being made in the image of God.  Because all these crazy situations work towards that one goal.  

    When it comes to this life, man, we can only do so much.  When it comes to this life we cannot control what others think and do because God has gifted us all with free will.  The only thing we can do is make the best decisions possible given the circumstances, some choices are easier than others.

    We can't change people, or help them, or get them to do right if they don't want to.  But after a lot has been done, what can be done is to let them go and pray for them.  Of course I don't know the whole story so I don't know if anything I say in this post is even relevant.  But you have to consider yourself in this matter, and you have to protect yourself.  People will drag you down if you let them, and to a certain extent it's not even their fault, it's in their nature to be selfish and do whatever they feel.  And when they decide to continue being who they are, and you don't do something about it, then it will be your fault for allowing them to do it to you.  Cutting bonds is not easy, but it is necessary.  You can separate yourself and still have a love for them but from a distance because you can tell yourself that it's not personal, but the best choice for the circumstance.  And you know what...... life goes on, and the person might get upset in the beginning but they will be alright. 

    If a person drops out of the choir at church, or if a bus driver can't make it to pick the kids up for church because of work, or some sort of life predicament, then the church will find someone else to do it, plain and simple, and life goes on.  We have to trust God, and let Him do what we can't.  I'm pretty sure God used to the fullest whatever you did, and all this is going according to His plan.  Just keep praying, and stick to your decision.

  • I pray for you on a regular basis.  Please feel free to contact me anytime.  May the Lord strengthen and comfort you during this season.

  • Praying and if you ever need to talk, send me a message. 

  • I'll pray, too.

  • Been wondering about you; thanks for sharing. Will be praying for  you and your Dad.

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