A few things about Hazel

I’ve been thinking about Hazel’s power (the ability to inhabit the consciousness of other people) and have come up with a few things.

1. She’s only able to be out of her body for five minutes at a time. At the end of the five minutes, she immediately “snaps back” to her own body.

2. If she has a print photo that was taken in the last 48 hours, she can use it to take over the person in the photo (the photo must only contain one person, though). She can only use the same print photo once. She wouldn’t be able to take over someone else’s body involuntarily this way.

3. The more times she takes over someone, the more she’s likely to develop a strong emotional bond with them. 

4. If someone consciously knows she’s “in their head,” the two of them can communicate telepathically while Hazel’s inside their head.

5. Hazel can’t take over other irregulars.

I’ve also come up with a some ideas I need feedback on.

1. Would it make sense for Hazel to use a wheelchair to get around when she hasn’t taken someone over? Would her body constantly dying and coming back to life weaken her muscles/ cause problems with coordination?

2. What emotional and spiritual side-effects would she have from taking over other people’s bodies? What about from her physical body dying and coming back to life?

3. What other physical side-effects would come from physically dying and coming back to life?

4. What would be a good reason for Hazel not to be able to take over another Irregular’s body but mental (mind reading, heightened empathy etc.) Irregulars be able  to use their abilities  on other Irregulars.

Also, I know this is off-topic, but does anyone have any tips for character design and development?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! ;)

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  • Your new ideas sound good! 

    Q1: It would make sense that she would begin to experience function difficulties, but it really depends on whether or not you find it necessary.

    Q2: If she spends a lot of time taking over other people, would she have an identity crisis?

    I'm not sure about the other two.

    Regarding character design, I have two tactics: 

    1. If their parents are an important piece of the story, I write how their child would look and behave, as well as their upbringing, completely basing it off of their lifestyle.

    2. I find one trait I've never used before, and I work off of that. I also base them off of what the story is missing.

    I hope this helps you! <3

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