E. J. Pace: Christian Cartoonist is now available from Calvary Comics! Six years in the making, this 250 page biography contains hundreds of Dr. Pace's magnificent drawings and many rare photographs. During his temporal life (1879-1946) he was a United Brethren missionary to the Philippines, Director of the Missionary Course at the Moody Bible Institute, and editorial cartoonist for The Sunday School Times and numerous other Christian periodicals for four decades. His artwork was often used in support of his itinerant Bible teaching ministry throughout the world. A seminal Christian comics pioneer and a truly great man of God.Preview pages can be seen here:

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  • Just happened to see that E. J. PACE: CHRISTIAN CARTOONIST was recently reviewed by Mark Allen of Suspended Animation (and Four Color Commentary):

    Current orders for the book have come from various parts of the U.S. and Canada, as well as Auckland, New Zealand.
  • I've never heard of E.J.Pace but if he's a christian comics pioneer than my ignorance is unacceptable. I MUST know more about this man.
    • He was a great man of God, and a superb talent with marvelous insights into the Scriptures.

      Orders for the Pace book continue to come in from various places (Hawaii, Australia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, etc.), and now I've made available "The Contrast: Infidelity and Its Answer" in poster form:

      This was Dr. Pace's most celebrated drawing during his lifetime. Enjoy!
  • Yes, it is. As I mentioned in response to your question on another forum, THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES reassigned the copyright to all of Pace's artwork to his widow Cornelia. She renewed the copyright to a 1922 collection of his drawings, CHRISTIAN CARTOONS, in 1950; she passed away in 1963, and the book went into public domain in 1978. Pace's daughter Helen also passed away in the late 1990s, but I have had the pleasure of getting to know her son (Pace's grandson, and a grandfather himself) who is very enthusiastic about this biography/art book. So, yes, all of his work is in public domain. Orders are coming in from various parts of the U.S. and abroad, as was the case with SADHU SUNDAR SINGH. I never intended to be a publisher, as I had always been a 'gun-for-hire' with various secular publishers over the previous two decades, but God's ways are not always ours.
  • I checked out the preview pages, and from what I could make out, this is quite a collection. Is this work in the public domain? Just curious.
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