Tainted was initially conceived as a television show. I worked in Hollywood for twenty-years and came to the realization that no project will get produced unless it promotes the agenda and propaganda the liberals want to promote. So I left the industry and turned to comics where I can create compelling stories and characters that promote my beliefs and morals and not pander to any one group. 

Combining the heightened drama of primetime soaps with superhero action, Tainted is about a group of genetically tainted friends, living in the same apartment building and using their superpowers to protect the city from tainted villains. Dealing with everything from relationships, trauma, mental illness, and addiction to superpowered battles, these friends have no high-tech jet, no costumes, and no supercomputer. They are just flawed people using their gifts to make the world a better place.

The characters include:

Steve: An orphan who feels the team is the closest thing he ever had to a family. He has the power of electricity and is dating Julie.

Julie: A telepath and telekinetic. She is the daughter of a Pastor, the moral glue of the team, and is struggling with a painkiller addiction when she treats migraines triggered by excessive use of her powers.

Brandon: Super strong and accelerated healing. Brandon is a naive, boy-scout type. He grew up with Julie, and they have a close bond. He instantly falls for Page.

Tasha: A firestarter. After her twin brother dies, she falls off the wagon and starts drinking again. With the help of the team, she struggles with this addiction. She is also a computer and mechanical genius.

Page: A siren with the ability to put men under her spell. She has a criminal past, and attempts to atone for her past crimes when she joins the team and moves into the apartment building. She cares for Brandon, but refuses to pursue the relationship until she can better control her powers.


After losing one of their own, a group of genetically tainted friends with superpowers investigate the kidnapping of a genetics scientist and his Genetic Altering Device (GAD). Along the way, they get entangled in a personal vendetta when one of them falls for Page Black, who has been marked for death by Damien and his criminal gang.

Freddy has a BFA in Screenwriting from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He was the only student from his graduating class to complete two feature length scripts. The first was the original 2-part pilot for TAINTED, which was completed during the first semester of his senior year, allowing him to write a second thesis script, Saving Sandy. This feature was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting at SVA's 12th Annual Dusty Awards.

Beyond college, Freddy has continued writing features and television pilots. In 2001, he moved to Los Angeles where he worked various jobs on shows like "7th Heaven", "8 Simple Rules...", "A.U.S.A.", "Quintuplets", "Men In Trees", "Ben & Kate", "Dads", "The Last Man on Earth", and "Superstore."

To date, he has completed eight television pilot scripts and five feature screenplays. Many of his scripts have been recognized by several writing competitions and in 2021 he was a Finalist in the Walt Disney Television Writing Fellowship.

Freddy is a devout Christian who serves on his church's worship team. He has also created Biblical 3d illustrations available on at <a href=""></a>